Summer 2008

Homeopathy International Summer 2008Contents


All Eyes on Ontario
by Karen Wehrstein

Differentiation of Rubrics of Mind 
by Dr Navneet Bidani

Bowel Nosodes: A Group of 
Neglected Remedies by Ai-Ling Makewell

Bowel Nosodes: My Clinical 
Experiences by Ai-Ling Makewell

Obesity by Dr Trevor M Cook

The Empty Addict: Eating Disorders
in Children by Jenni Tree

Gastroenteritis, a poem 
by Sylvia Serpussi Chatroux

Down by the Acid-Reflux Sphincter 
Cure Bay, a poem by Nirmal Singh & Dr Marty Rana

A Case of Hypothyroidism 
by Dr Chanda Shah

Hydrophobinum: A Miracle that 
Brought a Child’s Life Back from
Fatality by Dr Kumar

Book Reviews

Homeopathy: A Rational Choice in 
Medicine by Mo Morrish

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Spring 2008

Homeopathy International Spring 2008Contents


LightBringer Essences for Trust
& Courage by Rachel Singleton

Homeopathy in South Africa by Philippe
Van Welbergen & Angelika Rohl

Examination of Patient and its Homeopathic
Perspective by Dr Yagnesh Patel

Cancer A Cautionary Tale by Phillip Day

Cancer Miasm The Stain of Perfectionism
by Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman & Robert Ullman

Reaction to the Diagnosis of and 
Treatment for Cancer by Philip Bold

A Case of Oesophageal Cancer
by Dr Jawahar Shah

A Cognitive Behavioural Approach in the 
Treatment of Patients Suffering from Cancer
by Dr Balbir Nandra

Book Reviews

Principles and Practice of Homeopathy 
The Therapeutic and Healing Process
by David Owen

"What About the Potency?" by Michelle Shine

Homeopathy: The Science and Art of
Dynamic Healing by Shaik Rahmathullah

Colours in Homeopathy by Naryana Verlag

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Winter 2007

Homeopathy International Winter 2007Contents


Healing the Masculine/Feminine Dynamic
in Love Relationships with Emerald
Immersion by Peter Tumminello

What the Tongue tells us
by Dr Trevor Cook

Asthma: Miasmatic Understanding and
Treatment by Dr Jawahar J Shah

Approach and Methodology in Drug 
Dependant Asthma (Broncho-Spasm) Cases
by Dr Subrata K Banerjea

Studying a Remedy Through Different Lenses! 
by Shilpa Bhouraskar

Thuja – with Emphasis on Children 
by Chris Jorgenfelt

Book Reviews

Looking Back, Moving Forward 
by Rowena J Ronson

MatMed Cards
by Rachel Roberts

The Quiet Heart: Putting Stress in its Place

by Peter Gruenewald

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