Summer 2009

Homeopathy International Summer 2009Contents


Hahnemann’s Miasm Theory and
Miasm Remedies by Peter Morrell

Syphilis: The Destructive Miasm
by Dr Subrata K Banerjea

Alcoholism by Dr Sayeed Ahmad

Cannabis Indica More Capacious, 
Most Effective by Dr Kumar

Tobacco – A Medicine and a Poison – 
Insights from Homeopathy by Dana Ullman

The Homeopathic Treatment of 
Addictions by Frans Kusse

The History of Syphilis in Japan 
by Torako Yui

Bismuthum and Suicide 
by Ulrich Welte and Markus Kuntosch

Book Reviews

Miasms and Nosodes, Origins of Disease Volume 1 
by Louis Klein

Butterflies – An innovative guide to the 
use of butterfly remedies in homeopathy
by Patricia Le Roux

Diary Dates 

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