Winter 2009

Homeopathy International Winter 2009Contents


Specifics Versus Totality
Soul & Survival – A Contemporary
View of Miasms by Grant Bentley

Tubercular Miasm and its Clinical
Application by Dr Ardeshir T Jagose

The Future of Homeopathy –
Homeopathy for Epidemics, Collective
Trauma and Endemic Diseases
by Harry van der Zee

A New Perspective on Swine Flu 
by Dr Frank Eastwood

Hydrocyanicum Acidum and the Purple Death 
by Ulrich Welte

Tuberculinum in "Need for Freedom"
by Dr Jayesh Dhingreja

Book Reviews

The Homeopathic Therapeutic Subject 
Reference by Sandra J Perko

The Source in Homeopathy
by Irene Schlingensiepen-Brysch

Diary Dates

HMA Newsletter