Spring 2010

Homeopathy International Spring 2010Contents


Catch More Clients … not the flu

Defending Homeopathy
in the 21st Century

Hekla – two classical provings

Fertility Programme – success 
speaks for itself, 201 Babies Born – 28 Failures

Homeopathic Cure to Uterine 
Fibroid and Ovarian Cysts

A Case of Infertility

Thulium Iodatum

A Case of Ectopic Pregnancy 
and Sycamore Seed

Book Reviews

Beautiful Babies Fabulous Families

Wonderful World by Belinda Barnes

Non Surgical Homeopathy Cured
Cases of Uterine Fibroid & Ovarian
Cyst by Dr G K Shangloo, Dr Sharad
Shangloo & Dr Sunit Shangloo

Treat Your Child Yourself
by Jon Gamble & Nyema Hermiston

Diary Dates 

HMA Newsletter