Homeopathy in Advanced Lung Cancer

25th August 2011

An Unusual 5 years Survival of a Primary Lung Cancer Case on a Homeopathic Protocol.



Psorinum Homeopathic Medicine brings New Hope to Cancer Patients

23rd August 2011http://tinyurl.com/3my465a


New Soil Association Director uses Homeopathy for her Farm Animals

21st August 2011She uses homeopathy to keep her herd healthy, but mostly it is being outdoors on a mixture of grass and clover that makes happy cows and tasty beef.



Patient Fights to Get Homeopathy on NHS

20th August 2011
The Government says we can have 'Patient Choice' but in reality this is not the case.  93 year old Marjorie Titchen has been fighting to get homeopathy on the NHS for her osteoarthritis.  She has made representations and formal complaints to her PCT, written to the Department of Health, talked to her MP and contacted the local media -all to no avail.

Doctors, Nurses Often Use Holistic Medicine for Themselves

19th August 2011Overall, 76 percent of health care workers report CAM usage, compared with 63 percent of the general working population.http://tinyurl.com/3fg5dq5


Plausibility Bias and the Controversy Around Homeopathy

19th August 2011

Homeopathic remedies for Surgery

19th August 2011