Glimpse into Day of Australian Homeopathic Practitioner

4th August 2011

Australian adults use complementary and alternative medicine in the treatment of chronic illness: a national study

2nd August 2011

Homeopathy Small Doses Yield Big Results

1st August 2011
Dr. Richard D. Fischer, a dentist in Virginia, suffered for years with his hayfever and sinus problems until one day someone suggested he visit a homeopathic physician nearby.

Prince Charles Congratulates School of Homeopathy on 30th Anniversary

28th July 2011

School of Homeopathy Celebrates 30 Years with Homeopaths from around the World

28th July 2011

Homeopathy for Pregnancy and Birth

by Shauna Wyldeck-Estrada LCH RSHom
28th July 2011

Constipation and Failure to Thrive: A Homeopathic Success Story

27th July 2011
by Sonya McLeod