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6th July 2011

Book: Homeopathy for Radioactivity


Holistic Prophylaxis and Treatment of Radiation Damage

by Rosina Sonnenschmidt 


The radical homeopathic entrepreneur

June 25, 2011
Rajiv Bajaj, who is managing director of Bajaj Auto is not only a fitness freak but also believes we should look at our business more holistically, like homeopathy does.

Novato boy's homeopathic treatment demonstrates difficulty of evaluating alternative remedy

19th June 2011

"The substances are put through a dilution process that releases a magnetic vibration or magnetic energy out of the substance and that is what we harness to treat the patient."


Daughter's plight prompts Blackburn Mum to write Book

16th June 2011


Homeopathic cure of an obese patient

By Seyedaghanoor Sadeghi M.D.

Psychological aspects of these patients should be considered, because most patients suffer from various mental and psychological problems such as disappointed love, bulimia, different levels of depression, sleep disorders, nightmaresopathological parents, siblings or relatives.