Indonesia: travelling on faith and little white pills

by Joanne Gundry

The Baktapur homeopathic clinic in Nepal

by Resie Moonen

Homeopathic Life coach uses power of positive thinking

June 17, 2011
Maslan became deeply involved in homeopathy, a natural alternative medical system. As she met with clients, she saw they were looking for healing in other areas of their lives, she said, so several years ago she began offering one-on-one counseling.

Three Interesting Facts About ADHD Insights For Parents

But parents who seek ADHD advice are turning now more and more to homeopathic remedies because they want their children to grow up to be healthy well balanced adults rather than drugged zombies !

Homeopathic treatments are a hard pill for science to swallow

15th June 2011
In the U.S., consumer sales of homeopathic treatments reached $870 million in 2009, growing 10% over the previous year, according to estimates from the Nutrition Business Journal.

Boiron introduces Arnicare Sport

June 14, 2011
Arnicare Sport is made up of three natural active ingredients that act on the symptoms one suffers from a sustained physical effort. Arnica Montana relieves muscle soreness, Sarcolacticum acidum and Zincum oxydatum reduce lactic acid, which is responsible for cramps and muscle soreness

Constantine Hering, the “Father” of American homeopathy

12th June 2011
Although of German descent, Hering is known as the ""Father"" of American homeopathy. Before emigrating to America, he had studied the writings of Hahnemann in order to ""disprove"" the legitimacy of homeopathy.