Winter 2007

Homeopathy International Winter 2007Contents


Healing the Masculine/Feminine Dynamic
in Love Relationships with Emerald
Immersion by Peter Tumminello

What the Tongue tells us
by Dr Trevor Cook

Asthma: Miasmatic Understanding and
Treatment by Dr Jawahar J Shah

Approach and Methodology in Drug 
Dependant Asthma (Broncho-Spasm) Cases
by Dr Subrata K Banerjea

Studying a Remedy Through Different Lenses! 
by Shilpa Bhouraskar

Thuja – with Emphasis on Children 
by Chris Jorgenfelt

Book Reviews

Looking Back, Moving Forward 
by Rowena J Ronson

MatMed Cards
by Rachel Roberts

The Quiet Heart: Putting Stress in its Place

by Peter Gruenewald

Diary Dates

HMA Newsletter