Spring 2008

Homeopathy International Spring 2008Contents


LightBringer Essences for Trust
& Courage by Rachel Singleton

Homeopathy in South Africa by Philippe
Van Welbergen & Angelika Rohl

Examination of Patient and its Homeopathic
Perspective by Dr Yagnesh Patel

Cancer A Cautionary Tale by Phillip Day

Cancer Miasm The Stain of Perfectionism
by Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman & Robert Ullman

Reaction to the Diagnosis of and 
Treatment for Cancer by Philip Bold

A Case of Oesophageal Cancer
by Dr Jawahar Shah

A Cognitive Behavioural Approach in the 
Treatment of Patients Suffering from Cancer
by Dr Balbir Nandra

Book Reviews

Principles and Practice of Homeopathy 
The Therapeutic and Healing Process
by David Owen

"What About the Potency?" by Michelle Shine

Homeopathy: The Science and Art of
Dynamic Healing by Shaik Rahmathullah

Colours in Homeopathy by Naryana Verlag

Diary Dates 

HMA Newsletter