Summer 2008

Homeopathy International Summer 2008Contents


All Eyes on Ontario
by Karen Wehrstein

Differentiation of Rubrics of Mind 
by Dr Navneet Bidani

Bowel Nosodes: A Group of 
Neglected Remedies by Ai-Ling Makewell

Bowel Nosodes: My Clinical 
Experiences by Ai-Ling Makewell

Obesity by Dr Trevor M Cook

The Empty Addict: Eating Disorders
in Children by Jenni Tree

Gastroenteritis, a poem 
by Sylvia Serpussi Chatroux

Down by the Acid-Reflux Sphincter 
Cure Bay, a poem by Nirmal Singh & Dr Marty Rana

A Case of Hypothyroidism 
by Dr Chanda Shah

Hydrophobinum: A Miracle that 
Brought a Child’s Life Back from
Fatality by Dr Kumar

Book Reviews

Homeopathy: A Rational Choice in 
Medicine by Mo Morrish

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