Winter 2008

Homeopathy International Winter 2008Contents


Current Situation of Homeopathy in
Japan by Dr Torako Yui

Diet and Regimen in Homeopathy
by Dr Samir Chaukkar

Miasms – Understanding the Roots
of Disease by Gina Tyler

The Power of Potencies From IM to MM
by Dr Roberto Petrucci

Handle Diabetes with Courage 
by Dr Subrata K Banerjea

Dysprosium Metallicum, Problems 
with Sugar by Annemiek Klitsie

Lac Maternum, Sweet Sweet Mothers Milk 
by Kees Dam

A Case of Juvenile Diabetes 
by Dr Jawahar Shah

Book Reviews

Anatomy & Physiology: home study 
course for homeopaths by Elaine Watson

HMA Newsletter 

Diary Dates