Please read and sign the declaration below and return the form to the HMA Office.

First Name : _______________  Last Name : _______________

I declare that I know of no claim or suit alleging negligence, error or omission against me. I am not currently the subject of a fitness to practise investigation or proceedings by a regulatory body in the UK or any other country.

I know of no complaint (or equivalent) against me, I have never been convicted of any criminal offence or been subject to any disciplinary proceedings and I know of no circumstance which could reasonably be expected to result in a complaint against me. I have never been removed from a register nor had any conditions made on my registration by a regulatory body, either in the UK or any other country.

If you are in any doubt about the facts being considered material, you should disclose them.

Disclosures Enclosed

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Signed : _______________         Date: _______________