Consumers Very Happy with OTC Homeopathic Medicines - NCH Survey Results

July 29, 2015
As you may know, NCH conducted a survey of consumers of homeopathic products in June 2015 to gather data about consumer attitudes about and experiences with OTC homeopathic medicines.
Nearly 20,000 consumers completed the survey - and confirmed the anecdotal testimonials we've received from the homeopathic community over the past 40 years. Here are some of the results highlights:
  • +90% of respondents indicated they were overall extremely satisfied or very satisfied with the results of OTC homeopathic medicines that they had used.
  • +90% of respondents reported that they were very likely to purchase OTC homeopathic medicines again in the future.
  • +85% of respondents indicated that they were very likely to recommend homeopathic medicines to others.


Petition: Disband the Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and its Big Pharma board of directors.

The MHRA has been proven to be a tool of “Big Pharma”, a puppet of the worlds largest pharmaceutical industries.  Charged with the task of protecting the public from harmful health care is in fact protecting the largest pharmaceutical companies from loss of profits instead.  There are many differing alternative ways that people can find to choose from for maintaining or returning to good health.  The MHRA actively prevents us accessing these, our own choice of medications in favour of harmful often unproven drugs from the profiteering big pharmaceutical companies.
Update - Freedom of Choice is Vital

HRI Rome 2015: Homeopathy Research Gathers Worldwide

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Acclaimed Plastic Surgeon Jeffrey B. Wise, MD Uses Homeopathy

27th January 2015
In his Wayne, New Jersey and New York City offices, Dr. Wise complements his care with homeopathic medicine to support patients and ensure a quick recovery. According to Dr. Wise, “A hallmark of the Wise Center for Plastic Surgery is our homeopathic approach to pre- and post-operative regimens. These innovative methodologies are engineered to speed up the recovery process, and enables the patient to see the benefits of a procedure with greater immediacy.” Patients report that these methods are incredibly beneficial for both their physical recovery and their peace of mind. This homeopathic approach is just one more reason Dr. Wise has worked with patients from all over the world, who travel to receive the best care from a supportive and compassionate surgeon.

Latest Update on the Save NHS Homeopathy Petition Campaign

Latest update on the Save NHS Homeopathy Petition campaign sent on 16th July 2015.

Please get more people to sign Petition and also donate to the work.  Petition now nearly 30,200 signatures!


FDA Need Our Comments by 21st August

Your Comments Make A Difference Labeling OTC Homeopathic Remedies

FDA wants to know how people who use homeopathy feel about homeopathy and about your experiences with over-the-counter (OTC) homeopathic medications that are positive and constructive. The FDA will process consumer attitudes towards and making decisions about purchasing homeopathic products in stores, with stories that are between 300-600 words in length. On the page: a. Make sure to uncheck that you are submitting comment on behalf of a third party. b. Select ‘individual consumer’ from the Category drop down menu.  

Write in your comments by August 21, 2015

Be a proud part of the homeopathic community.  7820 comments have already been received. Read more here.!documentDetail;D=FDA-2015-N-0540-0001

HOW TO BEGIN? Please be sure to keep your submission in line with the questions they are asking. The scope of this procedure is not to validate homeopathy, nor pose questions about regulation, or other aspects outside of the topics listed in their questions.

To listen to the hearings. Really an experience!

TAKE THIS SURVEY TODAY: To facilitate this opportunity, the National Center for Homeopathy (NCH) set up a very brief, anonymous survey so that everyone interested in the future of homeopathy can contribute. It only takes a minute or two, it's all multiple choice and you don't even have to give your email address.



Labour's Jeremy Corbyn Signed Parliamentary Motion in Support of Homeopathy in 2010

16th July 2015

Labour leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn signed a parliamentary motion in 2010 in support of homeopathy, it has emerged.

Mr Corbyn signed EDM 908 in the previous parliament expressing concern at a critical parliamentary report on homeopathic treatments.

The motion was signed by 70 MPs from all parties, including Conservative MP Philip Davies, SNP MP Mike Weir, and Labour MP Diane Abbott.