Mum sings praises of homeopathic treatment in Shoreham

25th April 2011

100,000 homeopaths in Bangladesh!

30th April 2011

EU herbal medicines law set for legal challenge

29th March 2011

Anne the Elephant has homeopathy

7 April 2011

Experienced vets are being brought in to make sure she is well but Longleat is also hiring experts in reiki, homeopathy and herbal medicine to see if they can help her arthritis and skin problems.


Homeopathy may offer the best radiation treatment

6th April 2011

by Madeleine Innocent


This octogenarian doctor dedicates life for people

'For me and my family, Dr Dinesh has come like a god because he not only controlled low blood pressure of my wife but he has treated breast cancer of my daughter and when I suffered with paralytic attack, couple of months back, the doctor made me walk within two hours', said Dr K L Juneja, who himself is a retired qualified Allopathic doctor.