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Mr. Sam Kahamba Kutesa, President, General Assembly of the United Nations:

To observe an annual World Homeopathy Day on the 10th April

This Petition is to show international support from just some of the millions of people who use homeopathy in their daily lives so that the United Nations will appreciate its high esteem and popularity and observe an annual World Homeopathy Day on the 10th April, the birth date of Dr Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy.



'Fatally flawed' Australian Homeopathy Review puts Research Council's Methods in Doubt

There was also criticism that 'no homeopathic expert was appointed to the review panel as would happen in other disciplines'.

By RJ Whitehead, 16-Dec-2014

The methods of Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council have been panned after expert opinion branded its review of evidence on the effectiveness of homeopathy as “shoddy” and “fatally flawed” prior to its publication.



Concerns Regarding NHS Lanarkshire's Decision to Cease Referrals to the Centre of Integrative Care (Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital)

Written by a Patient
The NHS Health Board Meeting on 9th December 2014, was held to give the reasons for their decision to no longer refer patients. 
There were a number of concerns about how the information was presented at the meeting to the Health Board members, who then voted nine in favour of ceasing referrals, three in favour of continuing referrals to the many services at the hospital, (who raised very pertinent issues and concerns that were disregarded by the majority), as well as 1 abstention.

NHS Lanarkshire have caused concern throughout their flawed Consultation:

  • Due to refusing to write to the patients who attend the hospital to inform them about the Consultation in order that they can take part and the poor advertising of the Consultation, which extended its closure date.
  • Calling it a 'Homoeopathic Review' when actually the Consultation question was entirely different - 'Should NHS Lanarkshire refer patients to the Centre for Integrative Care (Glasgow Homoeopathic Hospital)?'  This is a totally different question than implied on the front page and poster relating to the Consultation.  It also shows that the Board did not fully understand the integrative care model at the hospital that has a wide number of services available and not all patients attending the hospital receive homoeopathy.
  • During their September Board meeting, NHS Lanarkshire broke into private session to discuss the Consultation report, which is not usual, on what was supposed to be a transparent public Consultation. This raises the question - what exactly was discussed at this closed meeting?
  • Why did NHS Lanarkshire go to the trouble and costs of holding the public Consultation if they were then going to decide to totally disregard the public views, when the overwhelming  result was to continue to allow referrals?  Why were NHS funds spent on a public Consultation when they were never going to adhere to the result of public opinion anyway?!
  • What message does this send out to other health professionals working elsewhere in the NHS when this award-winning hospital has received several 100% patient satisfaction ratings, meeting all its patient objectives and outcomes expected of this tertiary service, and delivering cost-effective care to a cohort of patients that have complex conditions who have generally exhausted all other means of conventional NHS care before their referrals?  Yet their services are being cut and patients denied access.
This decision by NHS Lanarkshire to cease referrals seriously puts at risk the whole future of the NHS Centre of Integrative Care for all patients throughout Scotland who rely on the many services that are available at the hospital, as it was reported in The Herald that a spokesman for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde said: "We are reliant on the ongoing commitment from other NHS Boards to make use of the inpatient services to maintain their viability."  
We know that Robert Calderwood the Chief Executive of Greater Glasgow & Clyde Health Board has also stated publicly for several years that should another Health Board around Scotland decide to cease referrals to the hospital, then it's survival would be put in jeopardy. This is now an urgent and very concerning situation and requires political support and pressure.
We do hope that national funding may be found to secure this hospital's future to continue to make the hospital services available for all patients in Scotland, which will put an end to the postcode lottery, allow portability of care and equality of access to this national centre of excellence that is providing gold standard care for patients, and which is individualised, person-centred, holistic and integrative and the best care available for those with complex, long-term, chronic conditions.
The patient's voice is rarely heard here, nor the facts that are truly representative and mean the most to the patients who are affected.
We do hope that the hospital's future can be secured for the many thousands of Scottish patients who depend on its many and varied services, not readily available elsewhere n the NHS. 

Patients Slam Homeopathy Cuts

Please note my quote given to the reporter (unpublished), when she asked for one...Ed.
"NHS Lanarkshire's final decision on referrals to the Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital was supposed to be taken last April.  There was enormous support for homeopathy generated by the Homeopathy Heals Me Petition, which collected over 26,300 signatures, many of those people filling in a Survey.  The delay was probably because NHS Lanarkshire had already made up its mind to cancel referrals but was not sure how to spin it.  I am sorry but not surprised, as there is a strong push to get rid of NHS funding for homeopathy by certain vested interests."

PATIENTS have voiced anger at a health board's decision to axe funding for referrals to Glasgow's Homeopathic Hospital

by Caroline Wilson, Senior Reporter.
11th December 2014
NHS Lanarkshire is to stop sending patients to the Centre for Integrated Care from April next year despite overwhelming support from patients to continue the service.

NHS Lanarkshire Votes to End Homeopathic Referrals

Sadly, NHS Lanarkshire have voted today NOT to continue referring patients for homeopathic treatment.  One person who attended the Board meeting said: "The presentation to the Board was certainly not impartial, but biased, flawed and misleading. They totally disregarded the views of their own public Consultation, which the overwhelming result was for referrals to continue."

The lack of referrals may now have the effect of closing down the Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital (now known as the Centre for Integrative Care).  However, look below at the satisfaction rates for the patients who did attend.  (The yearly numbers attending were limited to only a couple of hundred people at most).

9th December 2014

In a report that went before NHS Lanarkshire, officials set out the findings of a survey of 153 patients, who attended clinics in the health board area.

On a 70% response rate, 88% said that, overall, the treatment made them feel better than before.


Eminent Scientist Lord Winston "knows nothing about Homeopathy" - Bosworth MP David Tredinnick

Tredinnick fights back!

8th December 2014

Mr Tredinnick said: “I have great respect for Professor Winston but he knows nothing about homeopathy.

“It is not a subject he has studied at all.”

He defended the use of homeopathy and said it should be used more widely in the NHS.

He added: “At a time when we have anti-microbial resistance and we have real problems with antibiotics we have to look at the alternatives and we have a very good medical system with well regulated professionals who can offer homeopathic medicine.


Soil Association Disowned the Word Organic and Support for Homeopathy for Animals

The UK’s biggest organic lobbying group has disowned its philosophical roots, is failing to support homeopathy for animals and has developed a dull and insipid image, say four trustees who have resigned over the Soil Association’s future direction.