Canada: Kid's Cold, Cough, Flu Homeopathic Medicine Labelling

In a surprise announcement on July 31, Minister of Health Rona Ambrose stated that, as of July 2016, Health Canada (HC) not only will require stiffer "not-a-vaccine" labeling on nosodes, but will "no longer approve specific health claims on homeopathic products for cough, cold, and flu for children 12 and under, unless those claims are supported by scientific evidence."

This doesn't sound like banning homeopathic cold, cough and flu medicines, but it is in effect. It's a bit of regulatory trickery. Basically it forbids homeopathic manufacturers to say on the packaging of cold, cough and flu medicines what they are for. (The claimed pretext: "to ensure that Canadian parents... have the information they need to make informed health choices." Uh... right.) If parents don't know what products to buy, they won't buy them. And if it ceases to be economically feasible to sell them, the manufacturers will quit making them.
It is also a complete reversal of longstanding HC policy, made utterly without consultation with those affected: manufacturers, retailers and, most of all, consumers, especially parents of kids under 12. Based on a record of safety far better and longer than any allopathic meds, and enough evidence of effectiveness to satisfy all the politicians involved up until two and half weeks ago, these products have had Health Canada approval for their indications since 1998. There have been no consumer complaints or cases of harm reported in media.

Statement from the Minister of Health on labelling changes for certain homeopathic products

July 31, 2015 - Ottawa, ON - Health Canada