CBC Marketplace complaints to Health Canada about Homeopathy quashed

CBC Marketplace's planned anti-homeopathy episode has not aired yet, but homeopathy has already scored a victory against the show.

As part of the investigation, Marketplace lodged complaints with Health Canada (HC) against two homeopaths whose offices they visited undercover, posing as parents curious about homeoprophylaxis. The allegation was that the nosodes the homeopaths unwittingly gave the reporters weren't carrying a "not intended as a vaccine alternative" label as required by HC.  (In fact the show contacted us at 3CH asking for our take on this. We stonewalled them.)
What the show's intrepid researchers failed to do was read this -- HC's webpage on compounding, which specifically states that medicating blank pellets with medicating potencies is not covered by HC regulations and therefore the doses don't require the label.  Both homeopaths do their homeoprophylactic prescribing this way.
Accordingly, both homeopaths have now received notice from Health Canada that Marketplace's complaints have been dismissed.
But one of them, Beth Landau-Halpern of Toronto, wasn't going to take this mistreatment lying down. "I don't think of myself as being especially gutsy," she says, "but the tiger in me was unleashed by their preposterous claims!"
Beth had already complained to the CBC Ombudsman about clandestine reporting by "journalists who are biased, lacking in integrity, and sloppy with detail," as she put it, and received a reply saying only post-broadcast complaints are heard.
Now in her second letter she thundered: "Given this clearance from Health Canada, I will consider any suggestion made to the contrary on Marketplace as seriously problematic (and potentially libelous) and have already alerted my lawyers about this matter."
The Ombudsman replied within an hour, saying that Beth's letter had been forwarded to Jennifer McGuire, General Manager and Editor of CBC News. Beth has yet to receive a reply, but clearly her message is being taken seriously down at CBC.
Homeopathy 1, CBC Marketplace 0.
Meanwhile, on being asked whether the episode, originally to be aired "early in the season," had been rescheduled, Marketplace associate producer Tyana Grundig answered: "At this point it's scheduled to air on Nov. 28, but this could change."
Sounds a little tentative, doesn't it? 
We will follow the situation with special editions if needed.  Stay tuned...