Lord Winston Who Attended Homeopathy Memorial Service - Attacks Homeopathy

Today's Mail on Sunday carries an online article about Lord Robert Winston, pioneer of IVF treatment, attacking David Treddinick MP, who is on the House of Commons Health Committee, for supporting homeopathy.
Yet Lord Winston himself actually attended a Memorial Service in 2012, for the homeopathic doctors who died in a plane crash at Staines, after takeoff at Heathrow in 1972.  He even reads out two psalms at the service conducted by the vicar, who himself was formally a homeopathic doctor.  Apparently his mother-in-law, Dr. Marjorie Golomb-Feigenbaum, was a homeopathic doctor who died in the crash.  Lord Winston thinks homeopaths are 'lunatics', yet he chose to surround himself with them on that day.  Some have pointed out that it is understandable he would want to pay his respects but his mother-in-law died 40 years before the memorial service and this particular event was entirely arranged by the homeopathic community.

NB.  In an interview on the BBC Today radio programme on 8th December, between Winston and Tredinnick, Winston admitted that his wife uses homeopathic medicine.  Apparently Prof. Edzard Ernst's wife also uses homeopathy, he once admitted! 

Lord Winston says Tory's support for homeopathy is lunatic: Fertility expert 'can't believe' MP David Tredinnick is allowed on health committee

By Brendan Carlin for The Mail on Sunday