American Medical College of Homeopathy Closing in February

Editorial by Alan V. Schmukler
Homeopathy 4 Everyone, January 2015
I received a brief letter today from Dr. Todd Rowe, founder of the American Medical College of Homeopathy (AMCH) in Arizona (U.S.). It stated that, because of financial difficulties the college is closing in February.  I despaired at learning this, because AMCH was the only  homeopathic medical college in the U.S. The last homeopathic college before that was Hahnemann Medical College in Philadelphia, which stopped teaching homeopathy in 1955.  To get AMCH started had taken a lot of hard work and a great deal of inspiration from many people. Today, we salute everyone who worked so hard to create it.
Of course, Homeopathy will continue in the U.S. There are many talented homeopaths and other excellent schools, but a medical school was important.  It was a way of institutionalizing homeopathy, giving it legitimacy in a way that nothing else could.  Eventually, it would have made possible a homeopathic hospital, something we desperately need. If homeopathy were institutionalized, it would help humanize the culture of medicine, which is spiraling into greed and reductionism. Official recognition of homeopathy would allow grant money to flow for research and it would offer protection to homeopaths and homeopathic pharmacies which have lately been under attack.
Homeopathy is the enlightened future of medicine. It follows inevitably from the newest research in physics and medicine.  If you consider its ability to cure chronic disease, to treat viral infections, to address epidemics, to cure without side effects and its low cost, it is the obvious and rational choice. Every effort each of us makes, takes us closer to the goal of… Homeopathy for everyone.