Pharmacists Defend Sale of Homeopathic Products

16th March 2015
by Denise Piper
Pharmacists in New Zealand say they will continue to sell homeopathic remedies, despite an Australian report discrediting their use for health conditions.

Auckland's Lincoln Mall Pharmacy, which has qualified homeopaths on-site, views homeopathy as part of an holistic approach to healthcare, pharmacist Caleb Townsend says.

There is not one system that suits all people, Mr Townsend says in an email.

"Homeopathy is seen at this pharmacy as complementary to conventional medicine, in much the same way as acupuncture, vitamins and herbs are."

The Society for Science Based Healthcare wants to force its opinion on others, rather than giving patients the freedom of choice to choose homeopathy if they want, he says.

"We have not yet become a society where cultural beliefs are legislated out of existence."

Homeopathy is backed by evidence, Harris says

Auckland pharmacy Martin Harris says it is wrong to say there is no good evidence for homeopathy.

"If they look in the field of quantum physics, there's so much evidence they will be blinded by it," Mr Harris says.

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