Gross Deception in Australian Report on Homeopathy by Dana Ullman, MPH, CCH

22nd March 2015

In early March, 2015, the government of Australia published a report on homeopathy that asserted that homeopathy was not found to be effective for ANY condition.

What the media conveniently failed to report was that ANY study that was less than 150 subjects was deemed "inadequate" by this report, and thus, the dozens of studies that have shown the efficacy of homeopathy in treating many ailments were totally thrown out and ignored, including those published in The Lancet, BMJ, Cancer, Pediatrics, Chest, Rheumatology, Pediatrics Infectious Disease Journal, British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, European Journal of Pediatrics, and many others!

Further, unless there were at least THREE studies conducted by THREE separate groups of researchers, with each study having over 150 subjects, the results were deemed to be "UNRELIABLE."

Based on these definitions of what "adequate" and "reliable" research, EVERY CAM treatment would be deemed to be INEFFECTIVE and even DISPROVEN (this is what has been said and written about homeopathy).

Further, the VAST majority of drugs on the market today would also be deemed to be INEFFECTIVE and DISPROVEN.

Needless to say, not a single media source reported these definitions or provide ANY context.

Is anyone surprised about the above journalistic and scientific malpractice?  Hopefully, this experience will have you question anything and everything you read.  To read other most detailed critiques of this report, click HERE.  I particularly like the analysis by the Homeopathic Research Institute.  

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