Legal Action Against NHS Homeopathy in UK

28 Apr 2015 — Dear Homeopathy Supporters,

A very worrying thing is happening that I need to alert you to. A skeptic organisation, 'The Good Thinking Society' is trying to get rid of all NHS homeopathy throughout Britain, starting with Liverpool. It has threatened the Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) with legal action over its £30,000 per annum funding of homeopathy, and they appear to be bending to the pressure and have pledged to review it.

Since the above article came out on 12th April, another even more serious one was published in the Daily Telegraph yesterday. The Good Thinking Society has written to at least 20 more CCGs around Britain calling for them to review their spending on homeopathy. Apparently North Somerset and South Gloucestershire pay around £200,000 a year on treatments for Bristol Homeopathic Hospital and the total UK annual spend for NHS homeopathy is around £3 million. Dr. Sarah Woollaston, Chair of the Commons Health Select Committee is backing this legal action! (David Tredinnick MP, long time homeopathy supporter, also on this Committee, has been informed).